Why I need donations for http://www.g8wrb.org/

Many years ago, the site was hosted using my own computer and using my home network - no hosting company was used, which saved me money. However, the large number of downloads means this was impractical on my home network. Gordon Hudson GM4SVM came to my rescue, as he was the MD of Hostroute who are a hosting company. He agreed to provide complimentary hosting. This worked well for several years.

However, it would appear GM4SVM is no longer the MD, so Hostroute have declined to renew the free hosting. Because of this, I need to pay for hosting, which would cost about $250/year for the bandwidth and disk storage needed.

Because of the costs, I've decided to host http://www.g8wrb.org/ on my own network again, which uses a Sun Ultra 60 running Solaris 10 and Apache server software. The network is an ADSL network with a download speed of 2 Mbit/s and and upload speed of 256 kbit/s. (These speeds refer to me, so when people access my web site, they are limited to 256 kibt/s). In the rural area I live, there is no cable or fibre network available. Hosting the site at home has three problems:

Hence I would like get the site professionally hosted on a Unix or Linux server by a hosting company. If you wish to contribute towards the cost, please donate. With your permission, I'll add your name to thank you page.

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